Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wronghanded Portraits...

Yep!  Wronghanded - meaning using our non dominant hand.  That's what we did in our older art class yesterday.  Lots of giggles coming from class.  The students don't want anyone to see them because they "are just awful" - on the contrary they were very good.  However that was not what this activity was about.  Each week I try to work with the kids on things that may seem really silly or simple, but what it is doing is helping the kids to develop a good hand-eye coordination.  Helping the muscles in our body do what our brain is telling us as we see something and process it.  A little art brain teaser if you will.

What we did; we took turns drawing in marker each student in class.  We took three minutes on three models, two minutes on another three, and finally we took four minutes to do a self portrait.

What we found; our first attempts were the best.  By the end our hand/arm was getting tired and shaky.

Pretty cool lesson - here are a few of mine so you can have a visual.

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